How to use our HbA1c kit

You may have heard our clinicians referencing an HbA1c test at your consultation. At Roczen, we take HbA1c levels seriously. It is a key health indicator that we monitor with you. In this article, we shed some light on what HbA1c means and why it’s important.

What is HbA1c?

  • HbA1c stands for glycated haemoglobin - this is something that’s made when sugar (glucose) in your body sticks to your red blood cells
  • The higher the sugar level in your body, the more it will stick to your red blood cells and this glycated haemoglobin builds up in your body over time
  • Red blood cells stay in your body for around 3 months, so the test is able to give a measure of how glucose has interacted within your blood over a 3 month period
  • This is different from the daily blood sugar level tests that those living with diabetes measure using test strips or continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), which give you a snapshot of your blood sugar level at a given time

Why is it important to me

  • A high HbA1c level means you have too much sugar in your body
  • This means you’re more likely to develop diabetes and complications associated with this
  • By monitoring your HbA1c levels, you’ll be able to make the necessary informed lifestyle and medication choices to get your health under control. Remember, we're here to help and support you whenever you need.

What is included in my kit and what should I make a note of?

When you receive your blood collection kit from Roczen:
  • Make sure you watch the video below for clear instructions
  • Ensure you fill our the request form clearly and legibly and put it back in the box when you post it. This is so we know who and where the test kit has come form.
  • The sticky label you put on your tube should also be clear and legible.
  • Make a note of the tracking number provided so we can chase your test up, should we need to.

What do the different HbA1c levels mean

  • When you get your test results back, you may see that the HbA1c level is expressed in either % or mmol/mol.
  • Diabetes - 48 mmol/mol; 6.5% or more
  • Prediabetes - 42 mmol/mol - 47 mmol/mol; 6.0%-6.4%
  • Normal - Less than 42 mmol/mol; 6.0%

How will the Roczen programme help?

  • We measure your HbA1c level at the start of your programme with us.
  • This helps our clinicians to tailor the protocol and programme accordingly, which takes into account your overall health status
  • This is particularly useful for those who are living with obesity but have not had a recent blood test. Some obvious Type 2 Diabetes symptoms are excessive thirst or hunger, frequent urination, may only develop as the disease progresses.
  • Over time you will lose weight, feel happier and healthier.
  • On average, our members are losing 8kg in the first 12 weeks.

Our programme is particularly effective if we catch the conditions early. However, there are people who successfully reversed their Type 2 Diabetes 25 years after diagnosis [Ref: Diabetes UK]

Where can I get the test done

  • You get a free complimentary test when you first join the programme. Additionally, some employers sponsor these. If you’re unsure, ask your clinician
  • You can have your blood sample collected by a phlebotomist. Ask your GP for more information
  • Your Occupational Health team

How to collect blood samples with a Roczen test kit?

What our members say after taking our HbA1c test?

"I've been concerned about diabetes due to some of my family members having it, but finding out I've already got prediabetes is eye-opening"

Member living with pre-diabetes for 5 years

"Being able to test my blood at home is much more convenient for me, and seeing the reduction in my blood sugar is really motivating to keep going"

Newly joined member