Delivering NHS obesity services

With digital weight management, guided by doctors
Addressing healthcare inequalities with digitally delivered accessible and personalised care
Our clinically proven, CQC-regulated and NICE-recommended services seamlessly integrate into current NHS systems
Offering patients step-by-step guidance from our team of specialist doctors, nurses, dietitians, psychologists and mentors

About Roczen

Roczen is a clinically proven digital weight-management service, co-founded by NHS clinicians who are committed to effective obesity care.

Clinically led

Our in-house doctors drive everything we do. Working alongside a dedicated team of nurses, dieticians and psychologists, our specialist team supports patients every step of the way.

Low-touch integration

Our services seamlessly integrate into your current NHS systems, meaning there's no need for extensive training or disruptive changes to existing processes.


We are CQC-regulated and NICE-recommended, ensuring our patients receive trusted expertise and the highest quality service from world-leading specialists in weight loss and obesity care.


We can deliver stand-alone Tier 3 services or integrate into existing local services. Our fully scalable and customisable programmes allow us to support ICSs and Trusts as much or as little as they need.

A national challenge for the NHS

Research shows that 64%1 of UK adults are currently living with overweight or obesity, yet only 3%2 of patients eligible for Tier 3 services have been referred to publicly funded weight-management programmes. Despite this, the demand for Tier 3 services massively exceeds capacity and is growing due to new effective treatments.
Lack of access to crucial obesity services can lead to:
  • Worsening long-term health outcomes for patients
  • Widening health inequalities in already disadvantaged groups
  • Reduced quality of life and functional outcomes 
  • Higher likelihood of patients seeking alternative treatments through unregulated providers

How Roczen can help

Our clinical team can provide the capacity to support more patients in need of Tier 3 services.
We judiciously prescribe GLP-1/GIP medication to eligible patients (following a thorough doctor's assessment) as per local guidelines and NICE recommendations.
We provide all patients with tailored programmes combining multi-disciplinary care. Our world-leading team of doctors, nurses, dietitians and psychologists offer clinical guidance to each of our patients at every stage of their metabolic-health journeys.
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Beyond weight loss

Our approach extends beyond weight loss. Roczen prioritises psychological and emotional wellbeing to support lifelong changes in eating habits.

We screen all our patients and track their progress for:
  • Common mental health conditions
  • Binge eating
  • Disordered eating patterns

Digital patient care

Via the Roczen app, patients will receive peer support and regular check-ups with our in-house team of weight-management experts. 

Patients benefit from unlimited clinical support, including monthly follow-up consultations and access to community support groups.

Clinically proven results

The one-year results of patients on Roczen's lifestyle programme, combining time-restricted eating, diet, exercise and lifestyle support (without GLP-1 medication), revealed:

mean weight loss


reduction in waist circumference


achieved ≥10% weight loss


mean percentage weight loss


reduced their weight by ≥ 5%


overall retention in the programme


achieved a body-weight loss of ≥15%


reduction in Binge Eating Scale (BES) scores

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Kouvonen A, Kivimäki M, et al. Access to publicly funded weight management services in England using routine data from primary and secondary care (2007-2020): An observational cohort study. PLoS Med . 2023;20:e1004282. doi 10.1371/journal.pmed.1004282