Here's what to expect

Eligibility check and consultation
Take our 5-minute eligibility test. Based on your answers, a Roczen doctor will discuss our programme options with you and build your personalised health plan.
HbA1c test delivered to your door
To get a baseline reading of your blood sugar levels, we will deliver an at home test kit with easy-to-follow instructions to get a clear understanding of your HbA1c levels.
Ongoing expert support via the Roczen app
Stay connected with our team of world-leading experts who’ll guide and monitor your progress every step of the way.

Am I eligible for Roczen? Take the test to find out and use code MSIEW24 at checkout

Take a 5 minute assessment to see if you are eligible for Roczen. You'll get guidance and advice on how to manage weight and reverse type 2 diabetes with support from Roczen's leading clinical team.

Takes approximately 5 mins