Roczen Mentor Pledge

Mentors do well by doing good. Having been on the Reset/Roczen journey yourself, you understand the vital role that the mentor plays in a member's success. By working with them to achieve their goals, you are empowering another person to improve their metabolic health, for life.

Here are a few things that we ask of you as a mentor:

  • Be polite and non judgemental. We never really know what someone else might be going through.
  • Actively engage with the member and be responsive to their messages
  • Guide and support the member to achieve their goals
  • Really understand what is important to the member
  • Be a good listener/sounding board for the member throughout their journey
  • Value diversity of perspectives
  • Build a mutually supportive professional relationship with the member
  • Use your wealth of knowledge of the Reset/Roczen plan to help to advise the member 
  • Be aware of when and how to escalate any issues
  • Maintain the member’s confidentiality at all times
  • Do not give medical advice - please contact the medical team who will be happy to assist the member

Last but not least, enjoy being a mentor and have fun! You are the people who are the key role models for our new members. You have shown it is possible to achieve what you set out to do and are healthier as a result.