An interview with Angela Palmer
We spoke with one of our recent TfL members Angela Palmer about her journey on Roczen. Take a read below.
“I’m surprised by how easy and flexible the programme is. It’s helped me maintain my 25kg weight loss a year on, something I haven’t been able to do with other diets I’ve tried before, so that’s a win!”

Ling Chow

What motivated you to join Roczen?

Angela Palmer

I wanted to try something different to manage my weight. I’ve tried Weight Watchers and others before but the weight always comes back after a while.

What’s different about Roczen compared to other things you’ve tried before?

The simplicity and flexibility of it meant that it’s a lot easier for me to incorporate it into my daily routine. I don’t have to count points and refer to a book, and before I knew it, I no longer miss breakfast. I didn’t think it’d be that easy to get used to fasting. Because the programme is flexible, I’m able to go out and enjoy a meal out with friends without guilt and also fit it around my young family.

The easy access to my clinician and mentor is something that I really like about Roczen. It’s so convenient to be able to speak to my clinician or mentor via text or video/phone calls via the app. I definitely feel the accountability to them and it keeps me on track with my health goals.

What do your friends and families say?

A couple of people at work have commented on the noticeable change in me. My children are also curious about the different food that I’m having and I’d like to think that I’ve planted the seed of healthy food choices in them!

How is it like being a mentor?

I’ve just started mentoring and so far I’m enjoying being able to support others on a similar health journey.