7 top tips for habit change - Tip 7

Tip number 7: Become a healthy role model

Did you know providing advice, teaching and social support can be even more important for your own success than for others? It’s true! We humans are more likely to stick to our own plans if we have advised others to do so.  This means that if you become a healthy role model for others, such as becoming a Reset Mentor, you are more likely to succeed in the long term.

This is because by passing on information about a topic and supporting others through change, we gradually transform our self-identity into an expert. Then a psychological phenomenon called ‘cognitive dissonance’ takes over. Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort we feel when our actions are not aligning with our beliefs or values or when our beliefs and opinions are not consistent with one another.

We human beings have a really hard time with cognitive dissonance because it makes us feel hypocritical, so we’ll usually try and avoid it or rectify it when it occurs. In other words, if I identify as an expert and mentor, I am less likely to engage in behaviours that are not conducive to that identity.  

Being a role model is also great for us because the more we teach, the more we learn. So we really DO become experts!

So go on, encourage someone you care about to start on Reset today and sign up to be a Mentor…. Did I mention you also get paid???

We really hope you’ve enjoyed this seven-day series on evidence-based tips for changing habits. Take some time to reflect on all seven now.

1. Willpower is a wave – do not depend on it.

2. Make it easy- change your environment, not your mindset

3. Reframe set-backs – we all have them, appreciate that and move on!

4. Plan out sticky situations- identify your triggers and make ‘if-then’ plans for when they arise

5. Watch your language- the powerful way how we talk about ourselves can shape our behaviour

6. Find the feeling – associate positive emotions with your new healthy habit

7. Become a healthy role model