A new approach to care

Roczen empowers you to take charge of your own health. We provide proven, straightforward, condition-specific care plans tailored to your lifestyle needs. Our clinicians and mentors provide ongoing communication, motivation and support whenever you need it.

People-powered, tech-driven

You, your clinician, and your mentor

Roczen clinicians are health experts who work with you to fine-tune your care plan around your lifestyle and health needs.

Roczen mentors are people who successfully completed your programme and guide you with their insider knowledge to make sure you’re successful too.

And our App

Communicate, learn, and manage your conditions on your own schedule, from the comfort of your home.

A new way of managing conditions

Wherever you are

Chat with your Roczen team whenever you need help or support. Get the care you need when you need it, without having to wait for a doctor’s visit.

Conversations, simplified

Roczen clinicians know the value of clear communication, free of medical jargon. This way, Roczen you're always in the know about your health.

Revisit anything

All your care plans and communications are organised clearly in Roczen. Track your progress. See your next steps. Move forward through your programme with certainty.

Whenever you want

Roczen clinicians tailor your programme to suit your individual schedule and needs. Conveniently work on your health and message your team on your own time— anytime, anywhere.


Still curious about Roczen? Look through some of our frequently answered questions

What is a mentor?

Your mentor is someone who’s walked in your shoes and has either completed the programme orstill an active member themselves. They’re full of everyday guidance and advice, and interact with you

Who are your clinicians?

Clinicians are specialist experts in the conditions we treat. They create personalised treatment strategies for you and interact with you whenever you need and wherever you are.

Will I always work with the same clinician and mentor?

You will be given a primary clinician and primary mentor who will be your go to person/point of contact. You may occasionally hear from other clinicians or mentors (from the mentor’s close-knit group) when specific expertise is needed from other parties or at times when your primary clinician/mentor is unavailable/on holiday.

How long does it take to get a response from my clinician?

Our clinicians usually respond to messages around the clock but response times can vary depending on when you send your message. For example, you may expect a slightly longer response time outside of typical working hours 9:00am–5:00pm, Mon–Fri

Can I talk on the phone or video chat with my clinician?

Most communication will happen asynchronously via the Roczen app at a time that best suits you, but as and when required you will be able to talk on phone/via video with them too. Best of both worlds.

I want to join as an individual, how much does it cost?

At Reset Health we have 3 options to choose from - Best Value, Most Flexible, Premium.

  • Best Value: £30/month, 1 year membership, No joining fee

  • Most Flexible: £30/month, Cancel anytime, £100 joining fee

  • Premium: £100/month, 1 year membership, Fully inclusive tests, On-call doctor

My employer offers Roczen, how much does it cost?

Good news, your employer covers the cost for you.

What if my question is not answered here?

If you cannot find the answer in our FAQs, use our Intercom chat to get direct answers from our team much quicker.

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