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A personalised healthcare approach to reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes

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If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it’s natural to be concerned about how this condition may affect your quality of life going forward. The good news is that there are often steps that can be taken in diabetes management, mitigating the issue and avoid further complications. When you work with Roczen’s doctors through our chronic disease management app, the goal is to not just slow but actually reverse the effects of
type 2 diabetes.

We are the health management app that gives you access to online medical consultations to live chat with your doctor. Our premium members also have access to follow-up consultations during regular business hours, as well as blood testing at our own medical lab.

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How It Works

Through our health management app, members are connected with a trained clinician who will help them build a fully individualised treatment plan designed to fit their lifestyle and health goals.

You will work with the same clinician over the course of your treatment programme, allowing you to connect online to ask your doctor questions, raise concerns, and make changes to the treatment plan when needed.

We pair each of our members with a health mentor who has experience going through a similar health programme. Our doctors and mentors are available to offer support and care throughout the treatment process.

Our approach to treating type 2 diabetes

When you sign up for our type 2 diabetes management app, you are paired with a trained clinician who helps to craft a personalised treatment programme. Through online doctor consultations, our members’ programme will be tailored to the requirements of their lifestyle, schedule, and other factors unique to them as an individual.

We also connect each member with a health mentor who has undergone a diabetes management programme in the past. Over time, we use diet and lifestyle approaches to show concrete results in the form of lowered blood glucose levels and improved overall health.

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Roczen helps type 2 diabetes patients

Holistic and condition-specific

Roczen approaches each health condition from medical, lifestyle and wellness perspectives, ensuring ideal results.

Customised, easy-to-follow plans

Roczen members work one-on-one with their clinicians to develop the perfect plan for their lifestyle and schedule.

A community of support

Roczen offers its members ongoing inspiration, motivation, and support from their own Clinicians and Mentors.

Accessible, convenient, online

Access all your health data, plan instructions, and message threads in one organised, easy-to-use app.

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type 2 diabetes

Roczen transformed my health when nothing else worked. I love mentoring new members.

Michael, Train Driver

I feel supported by the clinical team & know how to contact them if needed. When I have done so in the past they have always been responsive.

Mel, Mental Health Nurse

Giving back to members and helping out clinicians only felt natural. I enjoyed my journey so much and I really thrive on giving back to others now.

Harriet, Radiologist

You get a feeling that you can’t describe when you see someone else doing well with your support and guidance. It motivates me to keep giving back.

Martin, Rail Engineer

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