‘Urge surf’ past those food cravings

Urge surfing is a technique that can help you avoid eating when you feel hungry.

Whilst cravings and hunger pangs are to be expected, the reason these occur is because our bodies have grown to expect us to eat throughout the day. However, now that you are fasting, your body isn’t anticipating this change and still expects food to be on the way. 

Therefore, we experience hunger because our bodies have already released enzymes and acids in preparation for the meal we are now missing. Since this meal never arrives, your body is left with a feeling of emptiness. This is what hunger is.

Remember: our bodies have more than enough nutrients from the previous evening’s meal to make it to the end of the fasting period. Also remember, the hunger is temporary, and will only last about 20 minutes.

What is urge surfing?

Urge surfing is a technique that can help you avoid eating when you feel hungry. Here are a few things you can do to fight the urge to eat:
  • Mindfully drink a glass of water to reach your daily goal of 8 cups. 
  • Get up and make a mug of herbal tea or black coffee (remember, no milk or sweeteners!
  • Head out on a short walk, stretch, and move your body in some way.
  • Get involved in a task that requires attention and uses your hands (cleaning, sorting and tidying are great for this).

Set the timer for fifteen to twenty minutes and tell yourself you can think about that craving afterwards. What you will likely find is that after this time passes, the urge to eat declines, and you can get back to what you were doing.

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