Roczen Sunday Journal
Essentials for the cupboard
A stocked and organised store cupboard will make sticking to your diet easier.

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of your fasting schedule, your next step should be getting your store cupboard in order. A stocked and organised store cupboard will make sticking to your diet easier, as you’ll have the recipe ingredients you need on hand. 

Over time you’ll find a fully stocked and organised store cupboard is an essential tool for your midweek meals.Store cupboard staples are ideal for when your budget and time are tight. With a properly stocked pantry, you’ll be able to rustle up a satisfying dish – no matter how many mouths you need to feed.

We recommend stocking the following:

  • Beans (such as butter beans, cannellini, garbanzo and kidney beans) are a great source of fibre and protein and can be used to create delicious bean stews, bean salads, soups and veggie burgers.
  • Lentils can be canned, ready to use or dried – both are brilliant for bulking up soups and stews or adding texture to salads.
  • Tinned tomatoes are useful for soups and stews, and add extra flavour when they are fire-roasted or seasoned. Just make sure to check the ingredient list for added sugars.
  • Spices and seasonings such as cumin, cinnamon, coriander, curry powder, wasabi powder, and dried herbs such as oregano, thyme, and bay leaves are just a handful of
  • Konjac noodles cook up fast and are great with stir fries and curries.
  • Nuts and seeds such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds add crunch and texture, and chia seeds can be used in a simple yet delicious pudding.

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